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It’s David Duford from Today we’re going to do a quick video on reviewing AARP life insurance.

If you’re like most people I know over 50, you’re probably constantly inundated, meaning you’re constantly mailed junk mail from all sorts of insurance companies. One of those is AARP. AARP, amongst other things, sells life insurance. This video’s going to explain to you really the fine print that’s hard to look for when you’re investigating options to cover yourself.

The biggest secret with AARP and the life insurance they offer, is mostly what they offer are two different programs. They have a permanent product they call a permanent product, that covers you entirely. It doesn’t cancel. It pays up at 90, meaning you don’t have to pay after 90. However, the question with these plans I’ve run across commonly, is they either cover you fully, or they wait two years before you are fully covered. This is important because a lot of people don’t know if they’re covered or not, and many times they’re not. They have a two year waiting period, which means if they die, the policy won’t pay. You’ve got to be very careful and do your research and stay away from plans like that because there are better options for many people, even with issues like diabetes, cancer history, heart history issues, so on and so forth. Lung problems, mental health issues, there are ways to get coverage without being shortchanged for two years with no coverage.

Also, AARP offers what’s called term insurance. The way their term insurance works… First of all, if you’re unfamiliar with what term insurance is, the easiest way to remember it is that term terminates. That means that when you reach a certain age, the plan ceases to exist, it stops, it ends, and you’re not covered. Typically, with what I’ve seen through AARP, it ends at age 80. To add insult to injury, the price goes up as you get older. What starts cheap, escalates slowly, usually every three to five years, until it becomes completely unaffordable by the time you hit your latter 70s. I’ve run across so many people that have had price increases, only to let it go after 10, 15 years of ownership, because they cannot afford it on their fixed income. Seniors are on a fixed income. They don’t deserve to pay through the nose for their insurance, especially on an escalating basis.

There are plans out there that will fix your costs, that won’t go up in price, will never cancel because of age or health, and in many cases, even with people with the health problems mentioned earlier, can get fully covered from the first day. At, that’s exactly what I do. You deal directly with me. I’m a life insurance agent that sells final expense plans and have specialized in that product for well over five years, or on my fifth year now.

If you have questions or are looking for a quote, I encourage you to type in the website down here at the bottom of this video. Also, you can scroll down and click the link to my website, check out some of the information I have listed, pull a quote for yourself, and if you’d like more information, go ahead and call the number that you see on my website, or simply go to the contact box and email me if you prefer not to call and just exchange emails. I’ll be happy to help you out, no obligation and definitely no pressure, just to give you the information you deserve.

My name is David Duford from and thank you so much for listening. Take care.

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