Is Life Insurance Available For People With Diabetes?

Nowadays, diabetes is a very common disease among the global population; but unlike the common cold, diabetes is a debilitating disease that can seriously affect the life of any individual who suffers from it.  Yet, with the correct diet, appropriate amount of exercise and satisfactory medication treatment, the diabetic can live a full and balanced life despite being seriously ill.

Insurance companies are aware that diabetics can live ‘normal’ lives using these management plans, so the concern that they will die early is no longer a worry.  It is for this reason that the majority of insurance companies do offer life insurance policies to those individuals suffering from diabetes.

life insurance with type 2 diabetesWhile these individuals may not receive the best rates on life insurance, they are still able to receive good policies from the insurance companies.  Similar to someone who has various other health conditions or is a smoker, the policies on offer will be standard or basic at a price for those customers with health difficulties.  This is especially true if the individual is following a treatment plan and keeping their diabetes controlled.

If you have controlled diabetes you may qualify for an insurance program; however, to qualify you must meet the follow conditions:

  1. You must not live an unhealthy lifestyle, i.e. drinking alcohol and smoking or gaining unnecessary weight.
  2. You must be consulting a doctor on a regular basis to keep your blood sugar level under control
  3. You must not display another other serious health concerns

If you are considering life insurance, it is advised that you do some research with and obtain several quotes in order to gain the best rates possible.  You can also try obtaining the aid of a local insurance agent who has experience in helping people diagnosed with diabetes and/or health issues.  They generally have knowledge of which company would be best suited for your needs at a reasonable rate.  Irrespective of these factors, diabetes should not stop you for obtaining a fair life insurance policy.

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