Sell Dental and Vision Insurance With Dollar A Day Dental

If you’re a professional insurance agent, Dollar A Day Dental has a very important message for you!
At Dollar A Day Dental we make selling dental and vision insurance profitable and exciting again.
We are currently contracting agents, as well as offering a limited number of MGA contracts. However, first things first…we are NOT a discount dental plan…and we are NOT a scheduled dental plan!
We have a network of over two-hundred sixty thousand dentist… These plans… cover preventative care at one-hundred percent with NO deductible…and these charges don’t count against your calendar year maximum.
All benefits including basic and major procedures have no waiting period…and all ages are covered at the same affordable rates.
Our guarantee issued individual plans can be sold to groups, associations, and 1099 contract employees.
Additionally…to help you manage your business…all Dollar A Day Dental agents receive marketing support through their own website.. along with other promotional tools to achieve continued success.
Now… are you really ready to smile?? We are!!! Especially over the generous commissions that are paid weekly… and we offer lucrative sales trips.
Let our professionals show you how simple it is to offer dental insurance. Let’s get you started today cashing bigger commission checks.
With millions of Americans needing dental and vision insurance, and so many seniors over 65 loosing their dental plans, you will want to join our team immediately!
At Dollar A Day Dental, we make smiles affordable!!
Go to our website or call us today to get started.

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